Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Have You Ever Seen The Moon?

I have never seen
the moon blink.
It stares at me all night,
watching every step I make.
Sun down till sun up
witness to man's folly

I have never heard
the moon whisper.
It talks to me
of endless nights
of women's screams
as monsters whip touch soft skin
tearing their flesh to turn them mute.

I have never seen
the moon taste salt from the sea.
It knows the taste of salt
from fresh blood of naked men
silenced by the vital fluid's flow
until there is no more.

I have never envied
the moon. It sits there
helpless playing with the tides.
If only it can manage
the minds of the corrupt,
calloused conscience,
there might not have been


If you need further assistance please see this
great effort and awesome:)
i enjoyed reading this, oh the moon!
Rolly, I read your blog long ago, how happy I find my way back. I saw yer name in a blogpost about a poet Tita Agcaoili Lacambra Ayala.

How funny to see your name. I thought: this cannot be the same Rolly whose blog I read years ago...

Maybe my heart to will open up to write poems ago.

Take care, sir
arpit and meme thanks a lot.

Keith And I'm glad you found your way back. I wonder what blogspot you are referring to. CAn you provide me with a link please?


Your comment dated to 2007. My friend posted the release of her collected poems this year (1479 Php if I buy it off the Internet site I saw) which is 35 USD.

On Amazon, I found used copies of her books for closer to 5000 Php, or over 100 USD.
Keith Yup, that's an online friend, Gilbert's blog. He is a very good writer.
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