Friday, July 13, 2007

Mother and Child 

A good friend of mine, an english teacher, gave me a challenge last Friday. She said she wanted to showcase a mother and her child onstage reciting a poem. She asked if I can help her find a poem of this sort. Or better yet, if I cna make one for her. I always love challenges. So, I made one. Here it is for you to critique and tell me if it workd before I give it to her. Here goes:

Hush my little darling, my child
Tell me what’s on your mind
Eat your cereals and drink your milk
And everything will be fine

Oh but can’t you see mom
I am not up to it
No food, no drink
Will make me alright

I will have none of it.
Just take your first bite
And the next will just slide
not as bad as you think, you’ll see

Mom, can you for once
Let me be and leave me alone?

What is the matter with you?
For several days now
You have not been yourself.
You wouldn’t play with anyone
Neither would you eat even your favorite pie

Just let me be mom
There is something on my mind
That neither you nor dad
Can ever comprehend

Talk to me my child
There is nothing in this world
That I will not understand.
I love you very much
And I will do anything
Just to put a smile on your face

You really love me, mom?
Why is it that sometimes
That is hard to believe?

What are you trying to say?
Speak your mind and tell me
What is troubling you, little one.

You really want to know?

Of course, I really want to know.

It’s just that, oh, never mind!

I will have nothing of this nonsense.
Say it now or you might never
Have the chance.

It’s just that I don’t feel your love.
it’s always Ate Emily who’s on your mind.
You never have time for me,
You never help me with my homework
Play house, or bake or take me for a ride.

But you know that is not true!
It’s just that Ate Emily needs me more.

Yes, I know. You told me so.
But I am just twelve years old
And she’s 18. How come I have to be the older one?
Feed her at times, pull her underwear,
wipe the drool off her mouth,
push the wheelchair at the park?

Tell me now, honestly, if you may.
Would you rather trade places with her?
Would you rather that your eyes spin
Like searching for something that never is
Or flay your hands here and there
Like her fluttering brain?

Oh, if only I could I would
If only just so I can feel
That you love me as much
My mother, dear!

Hush, my child, be quiet and still
You don’t know what you’re saying.
Stop this pillory and gloat in glory
You have everything while she has nothing!
Do you know how much it feels seeing my child
forever locked in a chair,
manacled by her own depravity
Not knowing how she feels?
You have been blessed with a lot of things.

Yes, hand me down clothes
And from cousins, I might add!
Never had I new dress that fit. nor dolls
or books or a pet wondering
In every nook.

Stop! Cease complaining will you please!
My head aches from all these.
Now eat your food and run along
Or better yet, study your lessons
Do your homework and have peace.

You’re always like that, mom.
You run away from your problems
Thinking they’ll go away
But they won’t! They’ll just linger
Hanging on thin air!

Oh, what do you know?
Twelve years in this world
and you think you know everything.
Who are you to criticize me?
Who are you to say that I have been remiss?
Don’t you think I appreciate everything you do?
How you help me with my household chores
Never complaining, just doing what you’re supposed to do?
The world is tough sometimes
But it grows on you and soon, your sacrifices
Will be rewarded.

You really think so, mom?

I know so!

I’m so sorry, mom. I love you.

And I love you very much, my child.
Never doubt that for I always have
and forever will.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Just Me

I await the night
hoping for a shooting star
so I can wish for a big house
a lambourghini, big business,
diamonds and a loadful of cash.

When I close my eyes
I'd like to dream
of fantasy land
where I can only smile
not cry, feast on hearty meals
and have whatever I want

As I approach the dusk
I realize I have been waiting
all my life
for things
that never come

No shooting stars
no big dreams
just me and my sweaty hands

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