Thursday, April 17, 2008

To A Friend On Her Journey


Your books have been stashed away,
neatly arranged according to size.
Your documents lie safely
like a well-kept diary
keeping your secrets
inside the box.

Your table now stands empty
of those colorful bric-a-bracs
used as weights
for loose papers and notes,
lest they be blown away by the wind
to nowhere and beyond.

I watch as you throw
the pencisl into the last crate
forcing theiri way into tiny crevices,
finding a stable place to stay -

unlike you who know exactly
where to go and where you want to be.

I have seen this scene before
of friends having come and gone
and i am the one
who is always left behind
hoping that my memory
will not remain in that box
of a long forgotten dream.

Allow each piece to take
a look outside your new world
from time to time
and remember that I once
shared the air you breathed,
the wall you touched,
or the pavement you walked on,
just like that badminton
racket you let me use,
or your white Crosswind
you let me drive.

Good luck on your voyage
to a land far away
and most of all
as you journey through life.
The world has always been yours
but so much for so little time.

I envy your youth
knowing I am past my prime.
Had I known what a wonderful friend
you would become,
I would have befriended you
from the very start.

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