Thursday, May 11, 2006

Far from Home 

Snow-capped mountains appear like a mirage,
impressions on a canvass full of billowing white
not sure if it's Baker in Washington
or a formation of clouds

smoking on the balcony, I watch
ravens dive-bomb sea gulls perched on chimneys,
coitus-interruptus to a morning fling
(glad I don't have neighbors as annoying)

above, her majesty, with talons clenched and outstretched wings
fly in circles, watching for prey with her keen eyes
while I wonder how it would be like to glide
(perhaps not on a chilly day like today)

mortals like me, planted on the ground, smell
aroma of brewing coffee, eggs over easy,
brown toasts and sausages for breakfast at ten
(stayed up late for sure)

down by the river delta, labs drool eagerly awaiting
their masters to toss the stick, run like hell to fetch,
never tire. Makes me wonder who is being amused
trainer or dog, or both.

it sure is nice to be away
from all that heat
and work. Too bad I have to return
and earn my keep.

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