Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tagalog poem! 

Now that I have a Filipino poetry group called Pinoy poets, I have been inspired to write Tagalog poems. This is already my second one. Don't bother about the first. It was bad! I will have to thank Krisberse, Kiko and Steph for helping me with this one.

Malapot na Tubig

Ipikit mo ang iyong mga mata anak,
humimlay ka sa matigas na sahig,
pawiin mo ang mga bantulot,
pabayaan mong liparin
ang mga agam-agam sa himpapawid.
Kukumutan kita ng telang manipis,
mabigyan man lamang ng konting lunas
ang pangangatal ng iyong mga ngipin.
Sasabayan ko ng yakap na mahigpit
nang ika’y makatulog nang ubod himbing.
Sana’y iyong patawarin,
amang hungkag at nagdarahop,
Pinalaki ang hubad mong isipan
na walang natutunan dahil sa karalitaan.
Ininom nating malapot na tubig
ang tanging lunas upang mapatid ang ating gutom.
Bukas, kung sakali mang ito’y dumating
sa langit na ang ating gising

An American poet/friend of mine, Tom Spencer, using a very loose translation I had accompanied with this poem, made an english translation of his own. Tom Spencer is legally blind. He told me that he sees objects as if looking through a straw hole. And that was 4 years ago when we first met in Richmond, Canada where we did a poetry reading at the Serendipity Room in Steveston. Sadly, I was told that his eye sight wasn't getting any better. Anyway, he has done several poetry books, one of which, is probably the first online poetry book, entitled "Word Castles" and several others on print. He lives with his wife Kathy, another poet, in Lowell, Indiana. They now manage their own Bed and Breakfast in the same State.

Hemlock Love

Close your eyes my child
Seek comfort
For the floor is hard
Forget your worries
Cast your troubles to the wind
Set them free
This sheet shall be your cerement
to cool your fever
Ease the pain
To make quiet
Silence your chattering teeth
I will embrace you with my love
So that you may sleep tonight

Forgive your father
I am extremely poor
Grow silent now
Poverty is the teacher
Her lesson is grim
The solution to hunger

This tea of hemlock
they promise
will bring a tomorrow
we meet in paradise

Poem by Rolly DeSantos, English interpretation by tom spencer

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