Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Three Simple Words 

I tried to send you three simple words
etched on a pebble cast out to sea
thinking it would find you
wherever you are. But it rushed
back with the waves
that foam the shore.

I went up the farthest valley, 
shouted my message to the wind
hoping it would travel far and wide
but it echoed back to me.

I looked for migrant birds
taking refuge in the swamps,
whispered in their ears
the words I need to convey
knowing they will return
to this land of Spring where lovely black tulips,
African Lilies and dahlias abound.

There is nothing more I can do
but hope for you to find
my words written on every pebble
by the seashore,
hear my voice in the echoes
of the valley,
and listen to the birds sing
your name as I utter the same
with every prayer.

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