Tuesday, July 31, 2012


A can of oranges is nothing
but oranges in a can.
There are no apples,
bananas or prunes,
not tomatoes 
or even potatoes 
picked  in the early 
days of June.

That is the master plan. 

They say that no one
can bear fruit but of his own kind
for after all, a grape shall not grow
from a different twine.
Nothing good shall come out 
Of the bad.

That is the master plan.

And so a man of crime
cannot sire a holy one
nor a woman vile 
produce a saintly nun. 
For that has always been
the master plan.

But whose may I ask?
What have I done
to be cursed or blessed
by seeds I know not?
Who willed that nothing good
can come out of the bad?
Paper comes out of wood
fine silk from tiny worms.
Cyrano makes words sing
in spite of a nose that stings

What plan is there except one
created by fools.
I know there is no such master plan!


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