Thursday, June 21, 2007


I have looked death in the eye
as it stared back at me.

and cold
and blank

peering but not seeing
searching but not feeling.
It looked straight into my eyes
and then beyond, as if searching -

searching for my soul.

Or it was the kind of look
from someone who no longer
dreams of tomorrow
expecting something else
maybe not of this world.

As I looked at her, I tried
to remember how she was.

How she nurtured me when I was hungry,
gave me comfort in the middle of the night,
assured me with her warm hands and tight embrace,
made me feel loved with her tender kisses.

Although she still breathed,
she had been long gone.
She was a wilted flower,
with lingering petals falling
one by one.

To her, I was nothing
but a stranger
who sympathized with her pains.

Death came suddenly.
I thought it would be a welcome news
for her weary body was no more -

no painful goodbyes
No overflowing tears
no chilling wails by her coffin


her body was lowered into the ground.

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