Thursday, May 17, 2007

Reality Bites 

I have been to a land
where elephants roam,
clad in tiaras and robes
paint flowers on a vase,
make a goal out of huge soccer balls,
massage people with their huge feet
and give rides on their backs.

I have been to a land
where Bengal tigers are nursed
by pigs and vice-versa,
to show the world and brag
what a happy family they have.

I have been to a land
where crocodiles abound,
where their chewy meat
is barbecued with hot sauce,
while their peers entertain
with mouths agape
not closing on the heads
of a man and a woman
who stubbornly put them there.

I have been to a land
so different from my own.
Now I know I have
only been seeing shadows
inside a cave. What beautiful colors
abound. Reality is by far
better than illusions.

Or was that the illusion
and my pain and misery


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