Sunday, July 16, 2006

Surprise poet! 

In one of the few times that I can blog hop to my friends' blogs, I chanced upon and was surprised that a very good friend of mine, Dr. Emer is also into poetry. Now, I know that many people think poetry is either for women or for wimps but this goes to show that poetry is really for the kind-hearted, passionate, sentimental, and intelligent people like Doc Emer. In his post on June 13, he blogged a poem he wrote possibly for a patient of his. I have been touched by it seeing my mom who is suffering from alzheimer's disease. Once again, I saw this as an impetus to write a poem of my own, in response to his poem which goes like this:

Death Wish

I look deep in your eyes --- you quickly turn away ---
Torn, dirty pillow friends welcome you with cold comfort
Seething envy seeps inside me

You sense my eating Whys, and
I sense your eyes water like a river
Anger, hate, bitterness, unequalled sadness ---
I never thought a human heart can hold them all

“You can be cured…” --- was my last whimper

You curled like a baby even more,
Pretended I wasn’t there,
Slipped slyly again into your labyrinthine delusions
Time is running out ---

I’m a false prophet in my own home

As I said, this gave me the motivation to write a response. I was thinking if it was me on my deathbed and my doctor was telling me to fight for my life, I would have responded and came up with this. Hope you like it.

A simple request

Oh Hipocrates, save me
please, but only
if you believe
I have yet more years.
But if these be spent
to suffer and shed more tears
spare, let me be
and let my spirit free

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