Sunday, July 16, 2006

Surprise poet! 

In one of the few times that I can blog hop to my friends' blogs, I chanced upon and was surprised that a very good friend of mine, Dr. Emer is also into poetry. Now, I know that many people think poetry is either for women or for wimps but this goes to show that poetry is really for the kind-hearted, passionate, sentimental, and intelligent people like Doc Emer. In his post on June 13, he blogged a poem he wrote possibly for a patient of his. I have been touched by it seeing my mom who is suffering from alzheimer's disease. Once again, I saw this as an impetus to write a poem of my own, in response to his poem which goes like this:

Death Wish

I look deep in your eyes --- you quickly turn away ---
Torn, dirty pillow friends welcome you with cold comfort
Seething envy seeps inside me

You sense my eating Whys, and
I sense your eyes water like a river
Anger, hate, bitterness, unequalled sadness ---
I never thought a human heart can hold them all

“You can be cured…” --- was my last whimper

You curled like a baby even more,
Pretended I wasn’t there,
Slipped slyly again into your labyrinthine delusions
Time is running out ---

I’m a false prophet in my own home

As I said, this gave me the motivation to write a response. I was thinking if it was me on my deathbed and my doctor was telling me to fight for my life, I would have responded and came up with this. Hope you like it.

A simple request

Oh Hipocrates, save me
please, but only
if you believe
I have yet more years.
But if these be spent
to suffer and shed more tears
spare, let me be
and let my spirit free

If you need further assistance please see this
very profound, both of you...

may kumurot dito, dito sa loob...
how many people must pass for us to realize that death is as real as hunger, happiness, or pain? it lurks gaping at us and will swallow us whole without knowing...lucky are those who are given time to redeem themselves, mend mistakes...all of us are at the mercy of our Father.

ang sakit mawalan ng minamahal sa buhay.
joyce I'm glad you liked them. Maganda yung tula ni Doc Emer that gave me the inspiration for mine. hindi ka ba nabigla na magaling palang tumula si doc? Ako, alam kong magaling syang sumulat kaya alam kong sisiw lang ang tula sa kanya.
wow, great poems. i especially liked your response.

short and sweet and deep with meaning.
salamat, tito rolly, joyce, jay

lahat ng tula ko lately puro malungkot
hindi naman kailangan ng galing sa pagtula
kailangan lang maging bukas ang puso mo
at lahat dadaloy
minsan ang problema mo eh kung papaano papahintuin
"poetry is really for the kind-hearted, passionate, sentimental, and intelligent people "

you just described yourself too, Rolly. The men of the berks are a really talented lot. Both of these are very touching poems, they show the depth of your passions and sensitivity.
nice poem :)
JMom Thanks.

Psyche Thanks, but which one?
When it comes to poems, the short ones always jump at you more clearly and emotionally than the long ones... just a personal belief.

These are a couple of really nice ones, Tito Rolly. Someday soon I hope I'd be able to string up words again like you and Doc Emer. The beauty they creat... awww!
Jet I have read some of your works and I know you can whip up a good poem.
I got a new poem for your perusal, Tito Rolly. It's a tribute.
Best regards from NY!
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