Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alone in My Loneliness


Hello darkness my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
sound of silence/simon and garfunkel

Like a vine slowly choking tightly
every aching inch,
loneliness creeps the trellis of my mind.
As purple sky welcomes darkness,
widens girth with a powerful grip.

How I long for the summer sun
with friends on a white sandy shore,
watching foamy waves,
smoke from barbecue grills
and lots of ice cold beer.

Tequilla shots in the evening
Coupled with ceviche. Dance
till the morning sun
peeks from the horizon.

Lingering smiles, tight hugs
smelling nape kisses .

But loneliness is a persistent worm
that continues to grow
until it has invaded
every pore.

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