Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sexy Sadie 

Sexy Sadie what have you done
You made a fool of everyone…
Sexy Sadie you broke the rules
You laid it down for all to see
The Beatles

Your sins continue to haunt you
as they always have.
Just as birds never come in winter
man's forgiveness eludes you forever.

You were young, weak and vulnerable
dancing in bars naked like a child,
fodder to lusty,sweaty men
until you met the devil named Charles.

Hypnotic eyes probed your altered brain
which killed your doubt and shame.
He gave you power you never had
but it was all a bad dream.

Stupid, careless youth
Horrible crimes of an unthinking mind
Arbitrary victims of helter skelter.
Rancid taste of blood
Oozing from pregnant body
Now a not so forgotten past.

Transgressions made not out of blind rage
A flippant’s folly of a racial war.
The bottomless pit was shallow
Ending a psychotic’s glory

Today her brain rots from a disease
and all she’s got is six months to live.
She asks if she can see the stars
before she closes her eyes.

Birds do not fly north in wintertime.
they go somewhere else to feed,
where the sun shines and give out warmth
unlike the cold, hard bars that trapped you
with your nightmare.
Man could not set you free
All that is left is die.

Rolly delos Santos
September 9, 2009

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