Sunday, January 11, 2009

The name I whisper


I sit on top of the mountain
watching lights illumined
by unnamed towns
like stars beneath my feet.

Fog descends and the chilly air
engulfs me like your arms
without the warmth.
Then I realize, I am all alone

All I have are memories
of your soft voice
whispering in my ear
like a tender kiss
sweeter than the ripest fruit
borne by a tree
as old as time.

I remember how
your gossamer white gown
would cling to your body
barely exposing supple breasts,
giving a glimpse of your long legs
while you teased me with your smile.

Your slender body seemed frail
as if it would break with the tightness
of my embrace - but that was deceitful
for I have known the strength of your words,
your unshaken stance and how you
won all the battles we’ve fought.

It has been a very long time since.
I may be perched on the highest spot
with everything under my feet
but it is still your name
I whisper at night.

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