Monday, August 16, 2010

An Old Hag's Tale 

The old hag thinks she can haggle
her way to heaven.
She goes to church every morning.
Rosary in hand, she kneels her way
from door to altar while her favorite brew
laced with arsenic, bitter gourd,
acid and goat’s blood
stews in her earthen pot.

She listens intently to the sermon
while her room is decorated
by named voodoo rag dolls
speared with a hundred pins.

She thinks she can bribe
her way to heaven.
She donates money to the parish,
gives alms to the poor,
and brings food to church employees
while her magic wand
and flying broom are all set to go,
waiting for her command.

What she did not know
is that the way to heaven
does not have a price.
It is not for sale.


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