Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No More 

One day I will just quit
and make it all go away.

No more chasing sirens
snaking my way
on busy streets.
No more sweating inside hot
congested trains, or waiting
for fully packed buses on dangerous,
dark corners.

One day I will just quit
and make them go away.

No more overly active teenagers
hooting and shouting for no apparent
reason. No more lazy, disrespectful
students to make my head boil with their

One day I will just quit
and make them go away.


No more birds chirping
lovely tunes as I smell the flowers
kissed by morning dew.
No more sweet smiles
to greet me in the morning.
No more hearty breakfasts
prepared especially for me.
No more tight embrace and warm kisses
when I bid you goodbye.

No more?

Ah, I will just have to wait
until I am no more.


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