Thursday, April 29, 2010

To My Deipnosophist Friend


You were an unexpected
gift from the heavens
for so short a time.

Why did you come
during the shortest period of time,
when swine drank wine,
plagued the world with flu,
and everybody’s not fine;
a Christian brother deferred from work,
decided to knock on Peter’s door,
and classes were suspended;
clouds drained all its rain submerging
every corner of the streets
and our efforts were in vain.

Maybe it was so I can survive
the swelling and falling
of the river of life.

Pork roast or fish
soaked in batter and fried
never really mattered.
What I shall miss is the chatter
that goes with spoon,fork
and platter.

I thank the gods of fortune
that in this huge planet
I should have found you,
a wonderful dream
that lingered through hours
of awakened reality


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