Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Time is never kind to me these days.
It places a pebble in my shoes
that keeps getting bigger
with each passing day.
It adds a rock on my shoulder
as we welcome every year.
I am burdened by permanent boulders,
the weight of youthful transgressions
best forgotten.

Time ticks continuously
as the heavy burdens
cause me to be left behind
while the world spins
and travels in its own orbit.
Time never ceases or falters
like a tiny droplet of water
incessantly dripping from a leaked
roof after a storm, irritating
every brittle bone

There shall come a day
when I can no longer stand,
feet succumbing to gravity’s pull
making me wish that my eyelids
could grow too heavy
for it to open and see what form
the clouds shall take
and all that’s left
shall be my unfulfilled dreams.


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