Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Missing You 

I failed to see that fiery
vermilion glow at dusk
the last hurrah of radiance
cascaded by a setting sun
as it bids the day farewell.

Heaven is not what it is tonight.
The gods can be idle, too, sometimes.
No stars flash steady lights
like fireflies floating around a tree

or a moon to shine upon my bald head.
Neither can I smell the dama de noche
that only blooms at night
as the winds blow away its fragrance,

nor can I feel the warmth of a tight
embrace to shield me from the cold.
I shall sleep early for there is nothing to see,
hoping that I shall wake to kiss the morning dew

clinging on a bud of a morning glory.
I close my eyes and rest
knowing that the sky I missed
shall be there with the same fiery red
as the world welcomes back

the sun king at dawn.
And you shall be by my side
once again without a need to explain
why or who or how.



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