Friday, June 27, 2008

the day God kissed Sam 

Sam never knew what comfort meant. Fed with am as a substitute
for milk when she was born, she was too weak to even cry.
He was a drunk who beat-up his wife. Having left for another
woman, her lazy father was nowhere in sight.
It was actually good for he could have done so with Sam.
Beat her up whenever he was drunk, that is what I meant.

They lived in a cart which her mother used to gather trash.
Her only clothes were a pair of ragged clothes that were never washed.
Sam was happy when her mother found tattered clothes for it
meant she could change her itchy ones. Her unkempt hair was full
of lice and ticks and her rough skin was plagued with scabbies.
When it rained hard, she’d play in the mud and wash it all out.
It was actually good for that’s the time she could take a bath.
Rain hard, that is what I meant.

As soon as she could stand and walk on her own, she wandered
the streets and knock on car windows to beg for alms. She knew
that the red light meant the cars would stop and that was the time
for her to approach new cars. She was very young, fragile and weak.
It was actually good for she got more than the rest of the kids.
Being young, fragile and weak, that is what I meant.

She never went to school, never learned to read or write. She
was contented to look at the pictures on papers that littered
the streets. Sometimes her mother brought a stack of newspapers
and magazines and she was delighted looking at men and women
in fancy clothes that probably smelled nice. Uneducated she was
but it was actually good for she did not know what she missed.
All she has was good enough for Sam, that is what I meant.

One day when she was ten, it rained furiously and continued to pour when she woke up. She was very hungry for her mother had already left but forgot to leave her food - or was it
because she never came back to their old cart the night before. She stood
and walked in spite of the rain, went to the crossing streets and wait for
light to turn red. It was still raining hard and she couldn’t see well
whether or not the light is red or green.
It was actually good for it was time to wash her itchy body. Raining hard,
that was what I meant.

Suddenly, a truck careened from left to right. Its driver lost control
never knowing Sam was about to cross. It was too late! It hit Sam,
threw her several feet away. As if that wasn’t enough, it rushed on forward
and wheeled on Sam. Her lifeless body splattered on the ground.
It was actually good for she never knew what hit her.
She never felt the pain, is all I meant.

Sam awoke with angels around. They sang songs and played harps all around.
Michael held her hand and led her to the opened gates. She went in surprised she didn't seem to walk on solid ground. Her feet felt like she was walking on soft clouds neither hot as the asphalt during summers, nor cold as the chilly winds on a stormy night. And then she saw the gentlest eyes she
could ever see. He bade her welcome and kissed her on her cheeks.
It was good for she knew what comfort is at last. And He only did what He did
for Sam, that's all I meant.


If you need further assistance please see this
very nice Tito... you sound so inspired in this poem. very nice... :)
jet Was just experimenting on a prose poem. I don't know if this is one, though. Thanks.
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