Friday, December 14, 2007

A New Me 

How I miss being awakened
by the song of a warbler,
perched on top of a tree,

by the smell of jasmine in the air
or the scent of crisp leaves,
recently touched by morning dew

I miss watching a waterfall
plummet into earth.
I want to listen to its untiring rhythm,
sense its power and make my heart pound
by its thunderous roar.

I miss swimming in an ocean
teeming with fish.
I bemoan the measly few,
choking on lead vomited by a nearby mine
caught by hungry fisher folks
who are almost flesh and bones.

I miss the sound of seagulls
for their wings are wrapped, trapped by oil
spilled by a huge vessel
ferrying a promise of life
in easyville street..

I shall miss having seen
crystal glaciers as old as time
before they totally disintegrate
collapsed by the warming zone.

I have missed seeing a world
devoid of sin, hunger and greed.
All I can see are men
who dind themselves superior
simply because they were born
with a fancy name.

I shall miss them all if I don’t stop
dreaming of things that will never be
only to realize
all I have to do is wake up
and rise at the other side of the bed
and find a new me.

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I just have to say...this is a very nice poem.

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soshana Thank you very much.
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