Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Full Circle


There he sits quietly
amid the whirring blades
of an old electric fan
whining uncontrollably
for a day's hard work.

With his hands in his pocket,
he waits impatiently for her.
His gray, thinning hair shows
the weight of the years. Too many
battles fought, too many women
lured to do as he pleased.

But tonight is different.

He had to seek help.
His chemically-induced member
is veed to stand in attention
just to perform a task
he used to do a lot before.

And he waits and he waits…

He waits until he has decided
she is not coming anymore
and all that is left is an imagination
as fertile as when he was a young boy
full of hope and anticipation.

He reaches for the earth
to get a taste of heaven.

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