Monday, August 06, 2007


I have undressed
under the gaze
of a quartered moon,
never with a fiery sun
shining on my skin,
devoid of a cloud
the shade of a tree
or a leaf to hide in.

I feel naked,
down to flesh and bones
my guts, way deep into my soul.

Like a toothless guest
in a Jerry Springer show
exposing my shame,
too numb to care,
before an unforgiving audience
amid their laughter and scorn.

Alas, I must justify myself
save the least of my dignity
that is left of my troubled mind

This is how I feel
before you magistrates of wisdom
when I declare the world is flat,
a square wheel runs faster,
or a black dove sybolizes peace.

But don't rejoice just yet.
Galileo had been right all along
and the world continues to spin

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