Monday, August 06, 2007

Aquatic Night Adagio 

Gathered from yesterday’s downpour
water trickles down from thatched roof
now pregnant with rain

tiny drops slowly swell like a leech
sucking on golden flesh
until they lose their grip -

fall at the same spot.
Uneven noises incessantly made
on a pool they have created.

No sound can be more primeval
than droplets plunging into mother earth
breaking my mortal rest

traces of a breathing world
pulsates in little dribbles
perspires, cries in pain.

Tonight is one sleepless night
as each heavy drop
crashes into the deafening silence

slowly it goes :




and when I finally think they're done
they start all over again.

It may be slow
but it can sure fill a well
with its own tenacity



This is a poem requested by my friend Doc Emer for a photograph he took.

If you need further assistance please see this
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