Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fight for Life


I am a man beaten,

caught by the tide
drowning, gasping for air
as I swim towards the shore

I am a man beaten,

by the sun
which was kind enough
to take cover among the clouds

I am a man beaten,

supposedly by a shy moon
yes, she hid in the darkness
but only to come back anew

I am a man beaten,

by a multitude of stars
I guess I need not explain

I may be king
but my subjects are young;
their ideas are brighter
while mine are passe

I have fought many battles
and I am tired.

I tried to gain new friends
but they just shied away

I am old
but I shall continue fighting
till the end.


If you need further assistance please see this
a man beaten yet he says so many things...he says these things because these are the things he could leave behind, his thoughts are his strengths though his body is weak.his acknowledgemnt of his passe thoughts is wisdom in its own.interesting.
anonymous Thanks. That was nice thing to say.
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