Monday, December 19, 2005

14 - 42 

I was fourteen
when the sun was completely up
revealing new worlds.

Some were shown before my eyes,
like periwinkle decor inside mansions.
Others I had to search for
like insects hiding inside
tiny breaks on mountain precipices.
I had to work hard for some
like pounding grain with mortar and pestle,
some I just picked up along the way.

I was fourteen
when I started to blush
at every smiling girl
who grew taller than I was.
Never did I know I’d try
to peek under their skirts
or steal a kiss away.

My face reddened
from pricking pimples
with the nail on my thumb.
Began to use deodorants
and took a bath
three times a day.

But it was also at fourteen
when I first experienced
being intoxicated with alcohol
and indulged with the pleasures
of smoke wisping from my mouth.

I’d go home drunk
walking in a circular path.
Soon, I would have done it all
from reefers to hash.

So, I have been fourteen, too, my child.
Believe me when I say
all these may be fun
but punishment comes
once you get
to forty-two.


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this is interesting, and fun too. the poem appeared to be addressing no one in the first stanzas, and then the persona reveals himself to the 'child.' knowing the writer, i can't help but be surprised to know more the person behind these verses. its honest and direct.
anonymous This one was inspired by the execution of Tookie Williams, a one time african-american gangster leader who has reformed and wrote several books. He was even nominated for the Nobel Peace prize. Nevertheless, the execution was carried on last year.

Thanks for this and the previous comments. Don't forget to sign in your name next time. okay?
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