Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Two Poems 

I have Dwayne of pinoy poets to thank for giving me valuable feedback on these two poems and made it decent. I have not written any poem for some time not knowing I can get rusty right away. The second one is my attempt at erotica. I know, it's far from par yet. i'm working on it... Anyway...


like sunlight
crawling into the night,
you inch your way into dawn
to penetrate my window

doesn't matter if the windows are closed
or the curtains are shut
you will be there.
It's like opening them at noon,
and blinding me with its fiery gaze

You are the water leaking through a beaver's dam
quietly filling the spaces
until it caves in.
with no place else to go, even
a beaver drowns

you have taken two of my friends
now you want to take
another one.
you work silently but surely
filling my heart with pain

Give me a Night

as the sweetest flower,
your breath mimics a gentle breeze,
dampening my branch with dew.

How I long to touch
the softness of your bosom
as I part your gossamer gown,
Reveals breasts whiter than snow
but hotter than the sun.
Supple nipples rise to attention
with every touch, soft
circling motions of my
trembling hands.

your hair flows smoothly,
shining on a moonlit night.
your flawless teeth scrape my skin,
as you measure its length
. . .contemplating.
Holding it firmly,
with your nimble fingers

Lilith, listen to my plea,
give me a night and we'll make
Diana blush, then
green with envy
until she hides.

If it is sin to hold you like this,
let me wallow in its arms.
If this would mean death,
let me die a thousand
times more.


If you need further assistance please see this
i love how you're such a romantic, rolly.
terrrible isn't it, Trans? At least, I still manage to dream of nice things, don't I?

I will never be half the writer/poet that you are and yet you're very supportive. i appreciate that a lot. Thanks
These are both beautiful poems, rolly. Very fluid in the flow of language and the strong imagery stands out. I shall not pretend that I am a good critic by going into the technical aspects but suffice I enjoyed reading them immensely. Way to go, man.
BAyi Thanks for the encouraging words. You are truly a friend.
very lyrical. glad I dropped by :)
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