Monday, April 18, 2005

The Empty Mailbox 

Number 6 of the Canons of Chinese brush painting is to copy the masters.

6. "In copying, seek to pass on the essence of the master's brush & methods": To the Chinese, copying is considered most essential and only when the student fully learns the time honored techniques, can he branch out into areas of individual creativity

So, is this true in poetry, too. One of my favorite poets is William Carlos Williams. Truly one of the proponents of "less is more", the power of William's poems is that of his being concise. Here's one I did out of his "The Red Wheelbarrow". I entitled it The Empty Mailbox and it goes like this.

a lot of pain suffered
looking at

the chipped off black paint
of my mailbox

baked under the sun
drenched with rain

just evidence of debts, then

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