Saturday, March 05, 2005

Watching Television 

During the 60's when
I was seven years old,
television was a new commodity
and only a handful owned one.

In our block only Aling Ande
had one and all the little boys
and girls gather
by the window to watch
Mighty mouse on Fridays
and Popeye the next day.

When the owner of the house
was in a good mood,
Mang Peping, the husband,
would ask us in so we can sit
on the floor in front of the tube.

I have long urged my dad to buy me one
but he says we didn't have enough cash.
And so, I joined by friends
to our neighbor's house
leaving our slippers by the door.

Our favorite show "Combat"
with Vic Morrow and Ric Jason
was next after the owners favorite
"Concert at the Park"

We patiently waited, legs numbed as
we sat on the cold cement floor,
mimicking every commercials
guessing what would play next.

As the concert unwound, we stretched
and got ready for the show. Then came my
sister calling me, "It's time for supper, you see!"

All my friends laughed and hollered as i
grudgingly obeyed.
I said the usual "Thank you and goodnight sir"
and headed for the door.

As I slid into my slippers
an idea struck in my devilish head
i gathered all the footwear neatly
lined up on the doormat by the door
and took them home,
my home sweet home.

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wow! i read your last few poems, rolly. and let me just say...you are prolific!
Hi Transience. Thanks for always dropping by and leaving a comment. At least I know someone's been here. And knowing your caliber as a writer, man, i'm flattered!

Prolific maybe but not yet as good as I want to be. I'm getting there.
sweet TV story musings. interestingly 'combat' was the name of the first program we got on TV. of course, it was a game on atari 2600, a gift us 4 kids got one christmas from an uncle. after the initial excitement and it's various pulses of adrenaline waned we were left with the realisation that we had no TV. garage sale- next day. problem solved.....
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