Friday, March 11, 2005

A long story short 

My poem "A Parent's Wish" has been accepted in this ezine. Check out this wonderful site. You can see the poem here.

If you need further assistance please see this
woohoo! great job, rolly!
Thanks, transience.
A traditional Norfolk koan may assist:

Poodle parlour in Purley

A thin man with a toothbrush stuck up his nose
Walks into a poodle parlour in Purley.
The woman behind the counter looks at him.
The thin man with the toothbrush stuck up his nose looks back.
"What can I do for you, sir?" says the woman.
"I'd like to buy an industrial-strength toothbrush-remover, please."
"Show me your poodle."
"I don't run a poodle."
"Do you have a poodle which runs itself?"
"I don't believe in the existence of poodles."
"Then for both business and metaphysical reasons,
I must terminate this conversation."

More may be encountered:
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