Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Rite of Passage! 

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This was written right after the three of us had gone home after a three day camping trip to Makiling during the school's Father and Son camp. This has been published online. You'll find it here Hope you enjoy the pictures and the poem as well. Here goes:

Rites of Passage

I have camped on
these grounds when
I was young,
braved the thick forest
to test if I
could be a man.

Leaves relentlessly fall
raining down on my tent
weave a golden mat on the dirt
just like it did before.

Insects stubbornly
invade the silence
unfazed by the dark night
or the snores from
other fathers
tending their sons.

Inside my tent
two growing boys
saturated with play
innocently asleep
carelessly sprawled
on the sleeping bag.

How I envy the trees
defying the wind outside
with each offspring
a success,
they stand
sturdy and proud.

I come back
to camp on these grounds
once more
to test if I
can be a father
to these youthful boys.

If you need further assistance please see this
ah, the everyday stories of generations...we could move mountains with those. great pictures, rolly!

and i've never been to makiling. is it beautiful?
transience It's so nice to see you here. As you can see, we are a simple family trying hard to survive everyday realities. What we lack in material possession, we try to compensate with love and pride on who we are.

Maybe you would want to view my teaching blog,too. It's also in english. haha
hey, rolly. your family sounds wonderful. and i'm off to visit your teaching blog. and don't worry, the last time i checked, i still understood tagalog.
Transience If you do visit the teaching blog,you'll find practically the same post. (First time I did that. Hardly anyone visits this blog) I suggest you take a look at the older entry. hehehe

You speak Tagalog? How'd you learn? That would be wonderful!
i'm filipino, actually. frightening, isn't it, how i don't seem to be one?

but i tend not to ascribe to the affiliation. or the label. i always say "i am currently without country." hehe.
transience you gotta be kidding! So, you're a Filipino after all. What a... Interesting, isn't it. No wonder you write well. HAHAHAHA

When do you plan to come for a visit? I'd gladly show you around. ;-)
I think the easiest way to fail as a father is to assume that one already knows how, just because he has sired children.

Your sons, your children are lucky, if only because you care enough to give it some thought.
show me around makiling! i'd like that. i've never climbed a mountain. i've climbed mole hills, though. and already i feel antsy. =)
You're on! That would be easy as the place is only a few hours away from Manila. But if it's really mountains you'd like to go to, there are others that are even greater.
Thanks a lot Jet. Your affirmations mean a lot.
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