Sunday, January 16, 2005

A Parent's Wish  

As I disassemble the holiday tree,
I slowly gather the twigs
like picking up recollections of you.

Your toys usually littered the sala
geometric shapes you fit
with your little hands
while learning to walk,
Each ornament, a red ball or slver star
represents some of your fondest toys...

horses, trains, and cars
on your first steps.
Remote controlled tractors,
planes and battle ships
when you were two feet high

I wish you had not grown
taller than I am.
And you remained contented
with fitting shapes
and electric toy trains

If you need further assistance please see this
where have the times gone
when you were so contented
with just a toy train?

wasn't it only yesterday
when you were always
pestering me for a fairy tale?

and when did it all happen
that in the blink of an eye
you are now taller than i am?

i wish i could understand it all
how the times could have passed
and i have been left behind.

i wish, i wish you could always
be the way you were,
innocent and childishly happy.

but tall and sturdy you are now,
wise to the ways of the world
and the pain and happiness life brings.

no longer you just my source
of happiness and contentedness,
for you are also the pride of my life.
Bayi Not only have you captured the essence of my poem but you made an even more poignant poem out of it. You never told me you also dabbled in poetry. All the more that I admire you now.
just some occasional playful banter, rolly. nothing serious.
You should be playing all the time, then.
Hey you guys have some pretty good poetry here! Rolly, on yours at first I was sad because I thought your son had died and you were remembering him, but then I saw that he had just grown up!!!
Stan So nice to see you here. I see you've had your mileage with your feet article after all. Seems like you were just impatient. hahaha

Anyway, I'm glad you liked the poem. es, this is the aftermath of Christmas. We were disaassembling the christmas tree and I realized we did not have those Santa Claus socks (again, I'm talking about socks, huh) anymore as the kids are all grown up now. Bayi, on the other hand, is a good friend from Malaysia and as you can see had done his own take on the subject. Quite good, I might say.

I hope yu also got to visit my teaching blog. It's in english, too, depsit the title, ;-)
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