Friday, December 10, 2004

A new poetry ezine! 

It's now out! My friend's, Arlene Lawson's and her friend, Bob Wands' e zine is now out. It's called the country mouse. Our very own, Belle Nabor, has several poems in this ezine and you can read them here. Also in the mag are poets in my writing group, Sarah Sloat, R. Joyce Heon and Martin Miles whose poetry then, we refer to as Martinesque for its very original, almost surreal imagery. They are joined by excellent poets in english like Scott Murphy,Richard Holinger, Jill Beck, lilith who I believe designed the site, Senacle and Ron. Lavalette.

I had been friends with Arlene for more than four years now. She visited me in 2000 and we had been very good friends since then. She's lola to my kids and very much a part of the family. Join me in congratulating the owners of "the country mouse" and the poets who shared their fantastic works so that we may read and enjoy them.

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It is a piece of excellent work, rolly. I believe a lot of effort had gone into it. I have congratulated them and will be frequenting the site. Poetry, whether reading or writing it, is a sanctuary from the chaos of this world. :)
Bayi Thanks for visiting Bayi. They really select only the best, that's why you are assured you only read quality poems.

Im sure my friend will be pleased.
From the excitement you exuded in your post, I knew the site was going to be an excellent one! :-)
What a valued friend you are.

Thanks for the promo, Rolly.

Arlene (amd Bob thanks you too.)
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