Thursday, December 30, 2004

Mom's Lullaby 

Roused from my sleep
by my mothers melodious voice,
a warbler singing dulcet notes
quiets my baby down.

Surprised, I can almost guess
the next note she will sing
Of course I do...
she used to sing this song to me

I continue my nap
knowing no harm can happen now.

If you need further assistance please see this
I didn't know you're a poet, tito rolly (makiki-tito na rin po). I'ts my first time visiting this blog.

I have a question and Off Topic po, (that's if you don't mind)...Saang school po kayo nagtuturo? I'm from Ususan and sa Pasig kase 'ko nag-high-school. But sir, if you don't feel like revealing it, that's ok. ^_^

'wishing you and your family a happy new year!!!

ooopss...sorry it's me again, mavic.
I just realized sir, I posed you a somewhat stupid question.
Being in Pasig not necessarily means that the school where you teach is also in Pasig. 'sorry, sorry, sorry.
Bonjour Mavic. No, I'm not a real poet. Just been trying to. And no, i'm not teaching within the Pasig vicinity. I teach in one of the schools in Alabang. Thanks for visiting and the comments. Do come back.
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