Monday, November 08, 2004

A Stranger in her own House 

She wouldn’t have minded
the stranger for he feeds her,
helps her bathe and dresses her up,
puts talcum powder on her back

But he ties her hands…

Moves her every two hours
just when she is about to fall
asleep. Says he has to
or she will wound herself scratching

her itchy body. Her healing wounds
feel like a thousand ants
crawling, biting, nibbling her flesh.
He may look nice.

But he ties her hands…

She wonders who he is.
He seems to know everyone.
Talks to them, laughs and tells jokes.
By her count, there are at least
five adults, two children
and a frequent visitor.

And he ties her hands…

“Who are these people?”
she wonders. They say this is her house
she sleeps on her own bed
eats off her own plate,
but strange as it may seem
she feels she is
the stranger...

a stranger in her own house

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hey tito rolly.

ang ganda naman nito. and a bit painful for me to read. i know how you must feel. my sister is recovering from a stroke and it really is a major pain both for her and for us.
hi tito! i haven't visited this site for a long time,marami ka na palang poems. you inspire me to write more (which I haven't been doing)..:)

reading this poem brings back a lot of memories of my father, who died of a stroke (for the third time) after being partially paralysed for 2 years and being bedridden for another.

my mother-in-law too, died after being bedridden and in pain for two years as a result of cancer in her spine.

it may be strange to some people that you have taken the viewpoint of the subject but that is the best treatment to get the maximum impact. a stranger in her own house, perplexed and having no answers but not insisting any. "a puzzlement", as the King of Siam would say in Anna and the King. a beautiful and moving piece.
Batjay It was painful for me seeing my mother turn out that way. I never expected her to be like that. My picture of her is always that stern but in a loving kind of way mom.

i hope your sister gets well soon.

Ajay Yes, I do visit your poetry site. Salamat naman kung na-inspire kitang sumulat uli

Bayi hey, this is your first time here, isn't it? Or this is just the first time you commented? At any rate, Thank you for your comments. Yes, this is a painful experience that's why I had to write it in the third person. I'm talking about my mother who is now bedridden and suffering from alzheimer's and healing bedsores. An awful experience.
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This is a beautiful poem. I feel her pain and the pain of who wrote it. *hugstoyouTitoR*
Avi Now, you've got me thinking what you wrote before you erased your comment. Care to post it again?

Toni Thanks for your kind words. They're very encouraging.

just hopping from blog to blog today because walang work... it is caloocan day. actually, i visited ajay's blog "poems from a forgotten age" then saw your comment and your blog and got interested. you write poems very well, they depict vividly your ideas. it made me sad reading this poem, thinking of the possibility that one day we would all go to that stage - a helpless and lonely stage.

i also write poems but i do not know if they pass as POEMS. i just love to write. it brings out and glorifies the hidden me.

you have a nice blog!
Hi Juliet,

Buti naman at napunta ka dito sa site ko. Thanks for your wonderful comments. The poem is about my mom who is now 87 years old and suffering from alzheimer's disease. NAkakalungkot but that's how life is talaga, e. La tayong magagawa. Balik ka lang ulit ha.
my father had alzheimer's disease before he went comatose then died... it is a sad experience to see someone dear turn into somebody who doesn't even recognize you anymore..

can i join your blog? if you wish to include me or invite me, my email add is mr_at_mrs_a@yahoo.com

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