Tuesday, May 18, 2004

tuck and patti 

Finally, my favorite guitarist Tuck Andres is here. How I wish I can see him perform at the Meralco Theater. However, I am still weighing the consequences (read "How much money can i spare?)

I wonder who will be willing to go with me. I have talked to Redjie but he doesn't seem to be interested. Other than him, nobody from my circle of friends know the music of Tuck and Patti. Not even Kraiganne, who I asked first, is interested. I couldn't blame her. She's just 18 and wouldn't know how to appreciate jazz or even magnificent guitar work. TO think I shall be hearing Tuck perform "Man in the Mirror" live... man, I want to go... Hmm, do you think Nitz would want to come with me? I'm sure she'd show some appreciation but only for my sake. I know deep inside, she'll say "Mas maganda pang nanood na lang ako ng tv" LOL!

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