Tuesday, May 25, 2004

A sad story re-told 

At the stoplight while driving on my way to school today, a little girl about 8 or 9 went to my window selling rags. In her most pleading stance, which I believe she's learned through the years, she kept on urging me to buy from her. I don't carry money with me all the time (read as I really don't have money, period) so I had to send her away. I thought, what in heaven's name are her parents doing to her? She should be enjoying her childhood, playing with her friends. Slowly, I began to feel angry.

Yet, while I moved on, cruising along C5, I realized, I could have been hasty in pointing an accusing finger. Her parents, I'm sure, were forced by circumstance. What parent, in his/her right mind will deprive a child of happiness? of a stable life? of education? Although I am not rich, I have a stable job, I manage to pay the monthly mortgage on a small house, eat three square meals a day and merienda, etc. My children have the luxury to play internet games which they can easily turn off when they grow tired of the game.

Truly, I have a lot to thank for.

Girl in rags

My heart bleeds
for a little girl barely eight
who finds the heat
of the sun her enemy.

She goes from car to car
stopped by the light,
to peddle her goods of rags
instead of just begging for alms.

Sun’s rage finds its way
To her nape and shoulders.
Burdened by the trouble of what
Food can be had for the day.

It will be raining soon.
Torrential monsoon flow
She may not succumb
to flu for she’s immune to the elements.

She can't stop to gaze
at the clouds to dream,
see that it forms a mighty
bird soaring high up above.

Work is all she does
be it sun or rain
light or dark.
No dolls to play with
in a cute little house.

My heart bleeds for this child
for what shall she do
when she grows up?
No books read, no toys
played, no fond memories
when she was a child.

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i felt sorry for that little girl...but you're right...what kind of parent in his/her right mind will let a child roam the streets and earn a living? you're right at not passing judgment right away...the parents may have valid reasons...

i'm saying this not to justify my having to leave my daughter in the custody of my husband when the time comes that i have to leave for the US...it pains me, even now, just to think that i'd be away...far, far away from her...who will attend to her when she's sick? who will fix her daily baon in school? who will teach her math...who will buy her kikay stuff? masakit, but somehow, i have to do it...i have to be strong so that, in time, when she's of age, she'll start to question the things that had gone wrong in this family...so that when the time comes that she'll have to "make" her own family, she'd know what is "normal"...she'd know what is lacking in her own family so that she can fill her own with it in the future...
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hi rolly.

hirap nga ng nakakakita ng mga batang gala sa kalye. masakit lalo na sa akin dahil wala kaming anak. di naman sila pwedeng kupkupin and you're left feeling guilty. ito yung mga instances na hinihiling mo na sana walang poverty sa pilipinas.

ingat na lang diyan.
Hi Joyce and bluesman, kawawa naman sila but what can we do, right? We can all help by being the best we can so that others can emulate us, at the very least, ciguro. Oh well...

Thanks for commenting

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