Friday, May 21, 2004

Joan's wedding 

Joan's wedding a few weeks back.  Posted by Hello

My friend Joan left Manila to marry her beau of two years, Fred Barmes. Great things are happening for her. She's a jolly person whose raucous laughter is sorely missed at the faculty room. We sang together with Ms. Panaligan's faculty chorale, smoked, drank, ate... practically a sister to me. I'm happy for her as she's now living with her loved one and enjoying every minute of it. Here's to Fred and Joan: "Champagne wishes and caviar dreams"

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Thank you for putting us in your blog, and finally i found a way to post a comment, kakainis ang daming red tape hehehehe!!!! Fred was really happy and excited together with his parents. Lahat kami nakita and nabasa ang blog mo. Although, i have to explain how it got there!!!! hehehehe!!!! Keep it up curly!!!!
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