Tuesday, May 11, 2004

i don't get it. 

I have a very simple mind. I am not used to very complicated things. This is the reason why I couldn't get the importance of surveys conducted by SWS, exit polls and most of all, the NAMFREL.

These private organizations are supposedly the watchdogs of the elections, right? Let's take NAMFREL as an example. Okay, they had shown that there had been cheatings in practically all the elections conducted in the country. But all they have are counts based on partial returns. It does not guarantee that there had been no ballot switching, no vote-buying,intidmidation, etc. To my simple mind, if they wanted to safeguard the actual counting, why not just keep watch as the COMELEC does its count? Why conduct its own? If at all, this only shows that the COMELEC doesn't know how to count. I have yet to see a count conducted by both institutions match. In fairness, I don't know what the actual mechanics are, so I may be missing something very important.

About exit polls and surveys, how accurate can they be? I have been voting since I was eighteen and I have not been approached by any of these surveyors. Exit polls... how are we assured that what the respondents answered are their actual votes? Maybe I'm being too skeptical but I have long given up with Philippine elections.

If you happen to read this and would like to enlighten me, you can email me at rolly_santos43@yahoo.com or put your comments below. (Hah! I finally made it!) Either way, I would be happy to hear from you.

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hi boss rolly.

kamusta na. hope you had a great extended weekend. exit polls are normally accurate if done properly. di ko alam masyado yung details pero they've been correct in a lot of elections in many countries. ang alam ko eh yung sws has some credibility in their survey at they have been correct in the previous national elections.

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