Sunday, May 16, 2004

fishing in bulacan 

Just arrived from our annual fishing event at Bulacan. We have been doing this for several years now. We go to the fish pond of Aida, one of Kuya Ben's supplier of leather for shoes. Initially, there was my family, Kuya Ben's and Tony's, his business partner then. Tony's family stopped going with us for three or more years already. Last year, Ollie's family started joining us. They were with us again today. i don't know if the other families in our group will be able to join in the near future. There is the problem of parking space for our cars, and we have to ask permission from Aida if we can have them join us.

Fishing had always been fun, or so I thought. Yet, one of the unfortunate changes is that this year, Kraiganne refused to join us as she is going to have her exams in Accounting 2 on Tuesday.
My eldest daughter is now shying away from our family activities. I know this would happen sooner or later but was not expecting this soon. The children are growing and are having their own activities with their friends. To think that there'll come a time when it would be just Nitz and me again. Makes me somewhat sad. I have to enjoy the children while I still can.

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