Friday, May 14, 2004


I am getting addicted to this thing called blogging. No, actually it is "reading blogs" that I am now addicted to. It's better than reading the newspapers actually. From among the links you find at the left side of this page, there are three sites that are my favorites. These are Batjay's kwentong tambay which is sure to make my day a happy one, the sassy lawyer, to exercise my brain by reading and sometimes commenting when I think I have something intelligent to say (which is not always the case) and Rhett's karinderia to feed my soul via literature. Of course, I go to selected sites listed on their blogs.

And then, I proceed to the other links in my own search engine (if that's what it's called) to see if there are new postings. With all these things going for me in the morning, I think my retirement (although it's still a long time coming)is assured. I don't have to bug my apo's in the future or anybody else just so I can have "kausap" during my spare time. Nice no?

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