Monday, April 19, 2004

Service Awards and more... 

On April 14, the school gave the annual service awards. This year being my twentieth, I was asked to grace the occasion. The invitation said "Come in formal attire". I thought, that would be too much so I had no intentions of coming in full gear. I'm glad the organizers changed their minds and made it a "come in your Sunday dress" which is less formal but just as presentable.

Together with the package was a longevity pay of 250% of my monthly gross income, a plaque and a Fossil wrist watch which looks too big on my hand, I might as well wear the wall clock.

The following day, the male faculty went on a one night swimming spree in a rented private pool at Laguna. We had fun but I'm not divulging how. Now, don't get silly, I had been a good boy.

This weekend, we went with the whole Toto clan, Abet's family, Manong Polly's and with Kuya Ben and Ate Lilia at the helm, to Subic! We first joined Manong Polly's party at the All Hands beach where his company, Nestle, was having their excursion. After lunch, we all proceeded to the Subic International Hotel where we shall be billeted.

I took a dip at the swimming pool till three in the afternoon with Kgan and Kim. Then, looked for a cybercafe but got lost with the boys. We went touring to Ocean Adventure, saw the monkeys, the bats and the forest safari. Then, what else? Shopping!

The following day, we took the kids to a jump at the forest called "jest" with the help of rangers. Then we had a lauriat lunch at the Golden tea room, afterwhich took the kids to try the go kart and headed for home.

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