Monday, April 26, 2004

Davao City 

We arrived late, as usual. That is for taking PAL. Why we never learn is beyond me. PAL, as we al know means Plane Always Late.

I arrived at the airport at around 8:35 as was scheduled. The queue at the entrance weaving at the entrance moved slowly. Most of the guys I was travelling with were already there. As usual, Jun Elloso was late. I texted him and asked him where he was as we were all onboard already. (Later on, he told me that caused him to panic thinking we may have changed the sced again. LOL!)

The long stay at the Centennial Airport was a turn off. The aircon was weak and none of the mechanisms in the toilet worked. Ugh!

I was thinking the plane would serve lunch as the Delifrance sandwich I ate at the airport wasn't enough and I was a bit hungry. To my dismay, they only served strawberry pie coated with chocolate, a biscuit with strawberry filling, three candies and a juice. Ugh again. I can't even eat those. But I did! I was hungry and so my sugar level might be low anyway.

We were picked up by Ludz' relatives at the airport. Hmm, impressive family. We used their Suburban, Pajero and a Mercedez Benz. They treated us to lunch at Dencio's which was really, really good food. No, we didn't eat the same food we eat at Dencio's Manila.

Then they took us to Shrine Hills at Matina to pray and proceeded to the hotel. The Apo View Hotel, at 50 years is the oldest in the city. The Dep-Ed registration was equally a dismay as we waited for long hours just to be registered and have a room. By and large, the rooms are okay.

We went for a stroll after a few drink from the Jack Daniels bottle provided by Rhea. We rented a taxi and tried to see the town. We went home at around two in the morning.

The sessions started this morning ... Hahummmm, okay... yeah right....

By and large, I am enjoying this trip as Davao seems to be loaded with beautiful women. for example, the woman manning this Business Center, Ruby Zamora has a very pleasing personality, sweetest smile and very accomodating. Naks!!! Naglalandi si Norman. Kaya pala sumunod sakin dito. hehehe

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