Monday, February 09, 2004

Yesterday was Jenny's and Coby's birthday. So that we can be accomodated, Jenny decided to hold her party last Saturday, Feb. 7, in her house. Since it was a Saturday, the traffic was heavy, as usual, at the Coastal Road. Actually, it wasn't that bad. It only was heaviest at the end of the highway.

We pigged-out on Jenny's feast of various food and booze. Surprisingly, without even meaning to, Jenny, Joven, Redjie, Kathy and Nitz came in red. Hmm, advanced Valentine's party (?) We had to go home before everybody else at around 2 am as Nitz will still have to prepare for Coby's birthday. (WE were not expecting company, though. Just Abet and his family and of course, Kuya Ben's. Manong Polly couldn't make it because Ate Zeny was sick.) Besides, i was really tired! I practiced tennis with Kuya Ben and Jaren and we really had a thorough work-out. Then, I cleaned the house and the car after that.

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