Sunday, February 29, 2004

Yesterday, I let Mickey decide between going to his violin lessons and joining an art contest the Parents' Association of DLSZ sponsored. He chose the latter. I didn't want him to join too many art contests sponsored by the school as I am an art teacher and should he win, people might just say he did because I influenced the decision. I was reserving him for bigger art contests sponsored by other schools or organizations.

Anyway, his mom wanted him to join, too, arguing that he will only be staying in DLSZ for two more years and that he has not joined too many art contests to date. So, since Mickey wanted, I acceded. I let him do it alone, though. Preparing for his things, registering, etc. When I saw that he was seated comfortable on the table, I left him and joined Rolly V and came back for him at the end of the contest.

When I arrived back, I looked for his work. It had very nice composition but a little pale. (He said he wanted to use craypas but ran out of them. Told him to buy a fresh one from the bookstore but it was closed. He used poster color) Then, I noticed that they were judging so, I pulled back and observed. What the judges did was put markers on their choices, first green marker on their preliminary, then pink then orange... so I know who was winning. Mickey's work was competing well. There were three works containing three greens. Then during the second judging, when Mickey's had three greens and two pinks, the last judge suddenly changed her mind and chose the other of the two.

Mickey lost. He was fourth place. If only he used craypas and if only his work was not placed underneath and below eye level... I saw how disappointed my child was. I cried for him as i know he wanted it bad. He was saying "why not even third?" I can see how he suffered inside. I wanted to console him, hug him but I know he wouldn't appreciate me doing that in front of all those people as he is now a big boy.

What's a father to during moments like this? Even if I wanted him to win, I couldn't. Besides, I know this will toughen him up. I'd rather he loses now than later in life. He wins all the time at this early age and several things might happen: 1. he becomes big-headed 2. lose interest 3. will never know how to fail and become depressed when he does.

All I can say is that I am very very proud of my son. He is becoming very responsible, independent, knows what he likes and most of all, maturing fast correctly.

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