Monday, February 02, 2004

I took my children to a movie at Megamall this Sunday afternoon. We went to see The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise. It was such a beautiful movie packed with a lot of action that Coby wanted to stay some more and finish the movie again. Even much more surprising was the that other kids, especially Kgan who would usually protest, agreed to stay on. I'm glad we went.

I have a big fascination for Japanese culture. Its replete with age old traditions that make sense. Of course, hara kiri is going over the edge but come to think of it, if we had that tradition, we would have more competent leaders for sure. Honor and pride seems to be the first to go everytime it concerned money and power with our leaders. Personally, I would have preferred they committed hara kiri. Then, their honor would have been intact and I and other Filipinos would have been spared economic doom.

I'm talking about the tea ceremony, the bowing, removing the shoes on entering a house and everything that gave the Japanese their sense of discipline. Their rigidness and frugality resulted to the fruits they are reaping now. Of course, they had some help from the guilt-laden US of A who allowed them to close their door, and helped them recover the ravages of war after having seen the effects of the A bomb. Nevertheless, they would have never been the economic giant that they are right now had they not been disciplined.

I wonder what they would have been had they been colonized. And since I am on the topic, what would we have become had we not been. I'm sure we would not have remained uncivilized like the westerners wanted us to believe. Afterall, we had our own literature, our own religion (monotheistic at that) and other things that will prove we were civilized. Too bad we can only hypothesize now and sigh.

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