Monday, February 09, 2004

FPJ's siring a child with another woman, a certain starlet by the name of Ana Marin, has been in the headlines since last week. This is not surprising in a land where machismo is measured by the number of concubines a man keeps. The logic is so simple, it is downright stupid. To the Filipino mind, keeping as many concubines can only mean one thing. That he is very handsome and that women can't help swooning for his affections or his sexual appetite is very strong. This is nothing new, really.

Loren Legarda was said to have been heard to say that FPJ's admission of having a son out of wedlock is laudable because "he is honest!" hahaha, if he had been honest, would he have sired a son with another woman? It would have been forgiveable had this happened before marriage. This is not the case, however. Everybody knows who his wife is, and everybody knows they do not have children because "he is baog!" That was the popular tsismis before he entered politics. I have read that there are more children with several women. Now, talk about honesty. His supposed "love child" would not have even surfaced had not Jessica Soho asked the question. Surprisingly, his men are using this as propaganda for his campaign saying he is "daringly honest" in spite of the odds. Galing!

In my book, there goes his aspirations for the presidency. However, I know this may not be the case. Filipinos, religion and all, are very forgiving with regard to male promiscuity. We showed it during the last Presidential elections, we may do it again. Politics - bah! A circus indeed.

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