Saturday, January 17, 2004

We just came from Nanay's 85th birthday party hosted by Romella who just arrived from the States basically to give this party. It was successful. Only close relatives and friends came. The only thing I regret was that my only brother opted not to come. I don't know. He never comes to parties like these. We should've been complete. This might be the last time we will all be together.

When they arrived at the San Jacinto Panciteria, we had a hard time taking Nanay and Ditche inside the restaurant. Nanay, senile that she is, is confined to her wheelchair while Ditche is immobile herself. Sick with diabetes, all she does is eat and sleep. i'm glad she's not her usual self tonight. She's more alive and perky unlike during the time i pick her up from her house to visit Nanay. She just eats and lies down in bed, then eat again. For a diabetic, she amazes me. Her appetite is just sinfully huge. She was the one who requested for lechon and couldn't wait to gobble the whole piece. We were all standing and praying while she was at it already.

Nevertheless, I'm glad we were able to do this.

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