Sunday, January 11, 2004

We had just gone back from a party at McDonald's. It's Manny's son's 1st birthday! yup, my nephew, the doctor! And to think we went to grad school at the same time. He, to med school and I, to Law school. And yes, his sister, Mela. She's the balikbayan. She arrived last Tuesday for a visit. She's now a PhD. As it is, he's now a doctor and I'm... what?... a law drop out! What's with me? I keep on losing interest just at the tail end. Although I wasn't at the end yet, I only have about two more years to go, probably. Well, I got disappointed.

No, maybe that's not a good excuse. I only have to do my comprehensive exams to two courses at DLSU, then write my theses on both. One MA in Language and Literature, which I took eons of years ago, (even before I went to Law school), and another in MA in Educational Management, which was just about two to three years ago. I was bent on finishing the last one but La Salle was partly to be blamed. I was in a block section, you see. ABout 20 of us in DLSZ started out until we dropped down to seven in the end. When we have all finished the requirements and was to take the comprehensive exams, my classmates chickened out. They said, "oh, I'm not yet ready!" "Let's review for another year." Well, I was willing to take the exams on my own but DLSU wouldn't let me. Oh well... The story of my life. Not a very good example for my children. I hope they don't get the picture that I'm a quitter coz I'm not.

How I wish I can get a scholarship abroad. Then, there will be no distractions! Just me on my own. The thing is, I have to earn some dough! What will happen to my family if I don't earn? And besides, I may be too old. The possibilities for guys my age are very limited. Time sure doesn't wait for no man. Right now, i have less chances and as Bro. Rafe told me, "beggars cannot be choosy."

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