Friday, January 23, 2004

The recent news in politics alarms me. No, it's not that this elections should be plagued with actors and actresses aiming for office or the bickerings of the politicians that I find alarming. These have been the norm in Philippine politics and I am not surprised anymore. Sadly, our country has gone to the inept we can just elect the neighbor's dog for all we care.

What worries me is the recent news on the allegations of FPJ's citizenship. Some quarters say that he is not Filipino at all, hence, is not qualified to run for office. They even have evidences to prove this claim. However, the brouhaha caused a certain Manapat, Director of the National archives to be put in hot water when three of his employees testified in Senate that he ordered for the falsification of the evidences proving FPJ's not being a citizen of the country.

Okay, so you tell me, this is not new either. Right! However, we are overlooking the bigger picture. It's so big we do not see it unless we take a look closely. But before I go into that, the question in the people's mind is, "Who is telling the truth?" Certainly, one of the protagonists should have to be lying. The event turns into a matter of credibility and judging from interviews from both camps, it would seem that both of them are telling the truth! In effect, one of them is lying and you can't even tell who? When a person can lie without batting an eyelash, you know you've seen a professional liar. We have seen this kind many times before. This makes me wonder, are Filipinos liars? Is it part of our culture? If this is so, do we have a reputation to be so in the eyes of our neighboring countries? I hope not because it destroys our credibility even further.

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